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Personal Loan New Orleans, LA: Curbie & Bessie Capital Investments

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

2022 Best Personal Loans in New Orleans, LA

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Personal Loans New Orleans, LA

We are New Orleans, Louisiana's best option for Personal loans. See if you qualify without hurting your credit score!

Get a Personal Loan in New Orleans, LA

If you're searching for "personal loans in New Orleans, LA," we have you covered! Swipe Solutions makes it simple to find the best New Orleans personal loan for your unique situation, whether you're looking for a large personal loan with an excellent APR for debt consolidation and refinancing or a smaller personal loan with fair or bad credit.

Major or unexpected expenses can sneak up on anyone. Getting a personal loan for unexpected financial hardships can be difficult, even without bad credit weighing you down. Where can you go when you need a loan in New Orleans, Louisiana? The answer is Curbie & Bessie Capital Investments!

The term New Orleans, LA personal loan, which is just another name for a signature loan or promissory loan, can bail you out of a financial emergency, even if your credit score is a lot lower than most banks would like (usually a FICO score under 670).

Online application, statements, and payments

CALL US TODAY! (504) 527-1904


To apply for a loan, consumers must fulfill several requirements, including:

  • Being at least 18 years old

  • Residing in an area that has a Curbie & Bessie Capital Investments office nearby

  • Being employed or having a regular source of income

  • Having an active email address and a checking/savings account.

At Curbie & Bessie Capital Investments, we take pride in our straightforward system that offers a prompt and secure way of acquiring Louisiana online loans. The whole process takes around 10 minutes, and all it takes are three simple steps:

  1. Apply using this link so we can verify your personal, residence, and employment information

  2. During the application, answer several questions so we can verify your identity. You will get an email that notifies you if you’ve been approved or denied the loan after this step.

  3. In case of approval, after speaking with our representative and choosing your loan terms, you need to provide your bank information so we can send you the funds.

New Orleans, LA Personal Loan Qualifications

Qualifying for a personal loan is simple and quite fast. These are the basic qualifications associated with obtaining a personal loan:

• You must be 18 years of age or older • You must legally live and work in the United States • You must be employed with the same employer for a minimum of 90 days • You must have a bank account that is not currently overdrawn • You must have a valid email address and working telephone number • You must meet minimum income requirements

Your Credit History Is Usually Not the Critical Issue

Even though the lenders that partner with us do perform credit checks if necessary, individuals with imperfect credit or no credit at all usually can qualify for loans anyway. The lenders in our network may also perform alternative credit checks with the companies like TeleTrack or DP. These verifications help to ensure that you are not currently in bankruptcy and that you do not have outstanding loans with other lenders. These checks usually do not affect your credit score.

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