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Medical Loans: A Complete Guide

Updated: Jun 21

When your health insurance refuses to cover the medical procedure you need, you have to find another way. Medical care is expensive, but with the right tactics (and the right medical loan), you can afford the care you need. Whether it’s money for plastic surgery, dental work, or LASIK, there’s a solution for your medical financing needs.

Looking For a Medical Loan?

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Medical Loan
Medical Loan

How to Choose The Best Medical Loan

Choosing the best medical financing options for your situation depends on a few factors. Our expert team used many of the parameters below to rank the lenders in our list and this is a great starting point as you weigh options.

  • Loan features: Key loan features such as the term, maximum loan amount as well as loan use and limitations can make or break your decision so pay careful attention to these details.

  • Interest rates and fees: Some loans have higher fees than others or tend to give borrowers a higher interest rate. Compare rates and fees to make sure you’re getting the best terms for medical and healthcare loans.

  • Application process: Most borrowers appreciate a concise and streamlined application process. Decide where you’d like an online application, pre-qualification form with a soft credit pull initially, or other aspects included in the process.

  • Qualification process: Making sure you qualify for the medical loan before applying is important. Some lenders may have different credit score and income requirements or may allow co-signers.

  • Customer support: Consider things like accessibility to a live customer service rep to answer your questions along with the type of support offered (email, live chat, phone number, etc.)

  • Online user reviews: Reviews on independent sites are important and can bring up potential red flags to watch out for.

  • Perks and bonuses: Many of the best medical loan companies are offering perks like payment flexibility, advanced technology (mobile app), and advertising transparency the enhance the experience.

Looking For a Medical Loan?

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Importance of Medical Equipment Financing:

The healthcare industry, like all others, needs the expertise to meet the changing needs of patients. From patient electronic records, advanced diagnostic equipment, and patient monitoring programs to machines such as diabetes and BP, technology infrastructure is a key factor in determining the quality of care provided to patients.

As hospitals, clinics, and health centers compete for providing better services to patients, the need for improved equipment has grown exponentially. The rising number of people with lifestyle-related and other medical conditions with the increase in access to health care in small towns and rural areas have flamed the need for modern equipment, and the medical industry can feel the pressure to meet the demands.

However, it is the cost of high-quality health care equipment that stands in the way. Doctors and physicians often find themselves without cash to plan the flow of funds needed to improve technology. This is where a medical equipment loan comes in handy.

What are medical loan interest rates?

Medical loan interest rates vary depending on the type of loan, your credit score and your income. In general, borrowers with good credit and high income may receive lower interest rates offers than borrowers with damaged credit and low incomes.

Do banks offer medical loans?

Loans to cover medical expenses are available from online lenders, banks and some credit unions. Health care providers may also offer medical loans

Looking For a Medical Loan?

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