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Get Payday Loans in New Orleans LA

Updated: Jun 24

Cash Advance and Payday Loans in New Orleans, LA

Payday Loans

How fast can I get a Payday Loan in New Orleans, LA?

Very fast! Highly likely - same day, within 24 hours, or even within 1 hour if you apply in a store. As Online Payday Loans don't require collateral or credit check - they are really quick to process, approve and get. As soon as the loan agreement is signed, the money will be deposited directly into your bank account the same day or the next business day depending on the time and day of the week when you submit a loan request. Weekdays, before 11 am provide you with better chances to get a same-day Payday Loan.

How to qualify for online Payday Loans in New Orleans, LA?

To get approved for a short-term cash advance in New Orleans, LA you just need to meet the basic direct lender requirements:

  • New Orleans (US) residence

  • Minimum regular income of $1,000 per month

  • Valid checking or savings account with direct deposit (for online loans)

  • Phone number and e-mail address (if applying online, you must be able to be contacted via phone if verification of application information is necessary)

  • Not be a regular or reserve member of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps or Navy (or be a dependent of someone who is,) serving on active duty under a call or order that does not specify a period of 30 days or fewer.

  • If applying Online, you must provide a valid Social Security Number

  • If applying at Loan Store, you must bring a valid government-issued photo ID. A Social Security Number might not be required

  • If applying in-store, you must bring proof of income and proof of a bank checking account.

Payday Loans in New Orleans

How Do Repayments Work for Louisiana Payday Loans?

Louisiana payday loans are repaid over two weeks to five years in equal monthly instalments. If you need to cover a one-off emergency bill, a couple of weeks may be long enough to get you to your next paycheque. Payday Loans in New Orleans LA

For large sums, you may need to spread out the repayments more. You can choose to repay your payday loan in equal instalments each month up to five years! You are also always able to repay the loan early to save money on interest.

Will a Payday Loan in Louisiana Be Right For Me?

Payday Loans in New Orleans LA

A payday loan can help you overcome emergency financial setbacks such as unexpected medical bills, house repairs or funeral costs. They are designed to tide borrowers over until they receive their next paycheck. Dollar Hand offers quick and easy payday loans to help keep our customers financially afloat until their next payday.

A payday loan is a good option for those who need to borrow urgent money now and who are certain they will be able to manage the repayments. Those needing a large amount of money for a longer period may wish to consider alternative financial products such as installment loans.

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