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Curbie | We Offer Loans | Curbie & Bessie Capital Investments

Commercial real estate loans from Curbie & Bessie Capital help small business owners and commercial real estate investors get up to $400,000.

We have a network of over 240 funding sources. Our network is made up of major banks, credit unions and some private lenders. We have a soft credit inquiry process that does not affect your credit score. Our preapproval process takes only one to two business days. When you accept an offer from one of our lenders, the funds will be directly deposited into your bank account within five to seven business days. Contact us now to get prequalified! We are looking forward to helping you achieve your goals!

Personal Guarantee vs. Non-Recourse Loans

Whether you get a mortgage or a commercial real estate loan, the lender will use the property as collateral for the debt. But in some cases, it may also require a personal guarantee.

Depending on how long you’ve been in business, your company may not have the financial track record required by the lender to qualify for a commercial real estate loan. In this scenario, the lender may ask the principals or owners to guarantee the loan. This means that if your business can’t repay the debt, you as the borrower agree to be personally liable for making the monthly payments, in the event that the property itself doesn’t fully cover the amount you still owe.

In another scenario, the lender may not require a personal guarantee and simply use the property itself as the only means to recover the loan funds should you be unable to keep up with your mortgage payments. This is sometimes called a non-recourse loan because the lender cannot get additional money from the business principals or owners if the property doesn’t fully cover the amount owed.

Types of Commercial Real Estate Loans

Depending on the needs of your business and its qualifications, there are six primary types of commercial lending that you can use to achieve your goals:

  1. Permanent loans

  2. SBA loans

  3. Bridge loans

  4. Lines of credit

  5. Hard money loans

  6. Owner financing

You can find a variety of lenders for each type of loan, from commercial banks to credit unions to lenders specializing in commercial real estate loans.

What is the typical term of a commercial real estate loan?

Unlike residential loans, the terms of commercial loans typically range from five years (or less) to 20 years, and the amortization period is often longer than the term of the loan. A lender, for example, might make a commercial loan for a term of seven years with an amortization period of 30 years.

What is required for a commercial loan?

“Unlike residential property where you can borrow as much as 95 per cent of the property's value, most lenders require borrowers to have a minimum contribution of 30 per cent when applying for a commercial loan. In other words, the lender will consider lending up to 70 per cent of the property's value,” she said.

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