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Commercial Real Estate Loans | New Orleans, LA

2022's best mortgage lender in New Orleans, LA

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Get a private money loan for a property purchase, refinance, equity cash out, rehab or new construction purchase.

Fix And Flip Loans Rates As Low As 7.49%* Our Fix and Flip Loans can provide the cash you need to grow your real estate investment property portfolio:
  • Closings in as little as 10 business days

  • No hurdles- flexible loan options designed to meet your strategic needs

Advantages of our Fix and Flip Loans in New Orleans

  • Up to 85% of property purchase amount

  • 100% financing on rehab costs

  • No interest charged on unused rehab funds

  • 12-Month interest only (no prepayment penalty)

  • Up to 75% ARV

What do New Orleans hard money lenders charge?

Hard money loan rates in New Orleans range from 12 percent to 13 percent for shorter and mid range terms. Most hard money lenders also charge points or origination fees on a loan ranging from 3-4%.

CALL US TODAY! (504) 527-1904


What is hard money in New Orleans?

Hard money loans in New Orleans are short term loans secured by real estate. These loans are used to purchase and/or rehab residential or commercial properties. They’re more expensive than traditional bank loans but can be closed faster and with less credit requirements.

We lend our own money and do not lend to owner-occupied residential dwellings under any circumstances. If you live in the property that you want to borrow against, we cannot lend you money for that purpose.

We lend a maximum of 65% of appraised value for investment properties (held in the name of a company). Borrowers should verify that 65% of the property’s appraised value will be sufficient for their planning needs before contacting us. If you need more money than the 65% of appraised value for your property, we are not able to consider the loan. Finally, we require a first position mortgage to proceed with the loan.

Hard money is about equity

To increase your chances of getting a loan secured by the equity in your property, regardless of your good or bad credit, we use the advanced platform to shop your loan to a large number of potential lenders at once. Curbie & Bessie Capital does it for you by instantly broadcasting your request to all local direct private money lenders and mortgage brokers. You will see results in minutes on your customized dashboard.

Fix and Flip loan is part and parcel of hard money lending; you may qualify to get 100% LTV (Loan to value) financing with high LTC (loan to coast loan).

Hard money lending near you?

When you locate a private investor through a local hard money broker, your odds of getting a loan increase exponentially; lending hard money loans in Alton could depend upon locating investors familiar with the neighborhood. A short distance between the hard money investor and the property enhances the loan approval odds and speeds up the funding process.

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