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Best Private & Hard Money Lenders in Abbeville Louisiana

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Looking For a Hard Money Loan?

CLICK Here For Instant Hard Money Loan Application!

How much do hard money lenders charge?

Although these rates vary from one hard money loan lender to another, the average hard money loan interest rate for 2020 is 11-13%, according to Bankrate. Still, depending on the lender, it might be anywhere between 7% and 15% annually.

Real Estate Investment Loans Are Available in Abbeville and Surrounding Areas

Our Loan Options

Online Loans

Online loans in Abbeville are designed for anyone seeking a quick solution to their immediate financial issues. If you don't have time to come to one of our loan places in Abbeville, LA, or the surrounding area, we offer a quick and easy credit application process. If you apply for online loans in Abbeville during business hours, you’ll usually receive a decision on your application within minutes!

Personal Loans

Personal loans are consumer credit loans given to individuals for various purposes. They have fixed payment amounts over a certain period. Because of the consistent payment schedule, securing Abbeville personal loans may be preferable in comparison to traditional revolving credit or credit cards. These loans are repaid in monthly installments over a predefined time period. If payments are completed on time, these can also be used to improve your personal credit score. Curbie & Bessie Capital offers secured personal loans in Abbeville, LA, within certain limitations.

Installment Loans

An installment loan is when a customer borrows money over a specific period of time and is returned in monthly payments. Unlike revolving debt such as credit cards, these loans are advantageous because the APR and interest rate are set for the payback period. Curbie & Bessie Capital provides a variety of installment loans in Abbeville based on the amount that best suits your needs. This allows you to schedule your payment each month and prevents skipping payments due to revolving debit's monthly interest adjustments.

Vacation Loans

Vacation loans are an excellent way to make the most of your time away from home with your family or friends. You don't have to dive into or deplete your savings account using personal finance for your next vacation. You'll have a set amount of installments and a stable interest rate with Curbie & Bessie Capital. When money is tight, Curbie & Bessie Capital’s personal vacation loans are here to help you create lifelong memories forever. We love assisting our customers in achieving their dreams of seeing the world. Vacation loans are just one of the numerous ways Curbie & Bessie Capital can help you today!

Home Improvement Loans

Home renovation tasks may be costly, from upgrading pricey appliances to installing energy-efficient windows to upgrading a plumbing system or embarking on substantial structural repairs. Your home repair efforts may surpass the amount of money you have to pay out-of-pocket, depending on the tasks and contractors you choose.

That's why home improvement loans are so valuable: they provide you the money you need to fix, maintain, or upgrade your property. If you’re looking to upgrade your home, you don’t have to run around looking for loans. Abbeville, LA, has a Curbie & Bessie Capital office ready to serve you.

Looking For a Hard Money Loan?

CLICK Here For Instant Hard Money Loan Application!

Do Banks Offer Hard Money Loans?

No. Traditional financial institutions like banks and credit unions do not offer hard money lending. Hard money loans come from private lenders and individual investors.

How do I qualify for a hard money loan?

The main requirement for getting a hard money loan is having the required down payment or equity in a particular property to use as collateral for the loan. The minimum amount usually ranges from 25% to 30% for residential properties, and 30% to 40% for commercial ones.

Do Hard Money loans show up on credit?

High-interest rates: Hard money loan interest rates will always be higher than those of traditional loans. Lenders assume increased risk by providing you with the convenience of immediate access to funds for your real estate investment.

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