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Best Hard Money Lenders Louisiana 2023[Hard Money Loans]

Updated: Jun 24

We provide Hard Money Loans for people based in Louisiana. Our application is quick, our rates are competitive and we offer instant proof of funds.

Best Hard Money Lenders Louisiana 2023

Need financing for your upcoming real estate project? Get approved for a hard money loan in 5 minutes using our online application

Hard Money Lenders Louisiana

Getting a traditional loan is a slow, drawn-out and exhausting process. At Curbie & Bessie Capital Investments, our hard money loans are designed for real estate investors that value speed, efficiency and transparency. Offering house fix-and-flip, fix-to-rent and cash out refinance loans, our team of experienced real estate experts are available to get you capital and assist you with any hiccups that may come up along the way.

Curbie & Bessie Capital is unlike other hard money lenders in Louisiana. As licensed real estate investment professionals, we know what real estate investors need: quick and easy online applications, terms of up to twenty-four months and most of all, fast loan closing and attractive rates. At Curbie & Bessie Capital Investments, we specialize in hard money loans for single-family residential, but we can also cater to multi-family and commercial real estate projects. Contact our Louisiana hard money lending team today to find the best loan fit for your next real estate project.

Why Flip Houses in Louisiana?

Getting involved in the flipping market can be a breeze when you know where to go. At Curbie & Bessie Capital, we suggest a location like Louisiana due to its low housing costs. Since the pandemic, housing values have appreciated with skyrocketing demand. While there’s no shortage of people looking to move to the area, most want to purchase a move-in-ready property instead of spending time renovating and fixing it up.

This niche is where you come in. Effective flippers find a property for cheap, fix it up, and sell it for an incredible profit. If you manage this return on your investment, you can use that profit to take the next step in your life or purchase your next fixer-upper. However, even if the property is comparatively inexpensive, you might need a loan to secure it — this is where we come in!

We also take great pride in delivering money in 24 hours or less. So, by choosing Advantage Financial Services as your hard money lender in Louisiana, you can often apply one day and have your money by the next. No hassle and no long-term waiting.

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