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Loans to Qualified Borrowers Nationwide

Quick Cash Loans Nationwide - Hard Money Loans




We will provide loans of up to 100% on property purchase and rehab costs. If you don’t qualify for the full amount required for your deal, we’ll help you find the rest. Our goal is to ensure that every good deal gets funded. We help our investors complete deals without using any of their personal money.

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Unsecured funding from Curbie & Bessie Capital Investments helps individuals, small business owners and real estate investors get up to $400,000 in cash loans.

We are changing the way businesses owners, real estate investors and other qualified borrowers obtain funding nationwide. Unlock the full potential of your personal credit with a loan that meets your individual needs and investment objectives. Keep in mind that our loans are unsecured. This means you can use the CASH for whatever you like! Our funding has the most competitive rates and terms in the industry. If you are using your smart phone, please click the 3 horizontal lines at the top of our Home Page. If you are using your laptop, please click on the MORE tab at the top of our Home Page. Afterwards, You will be able to explore the various Empires we have made available just for you!




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Financial Consultation

When we see a good deal, we want to get in on it. We’ll provide up to 100% financing for our clients, even when you’re new to real estate. We enable our clients to bring a fraction of their payment to the table and close with the potential to make life-changing profits. With our help, flippers all over the country have sold their properties or turned them into rentals, which they can use as a new stream of income.

While we offer financial assistance you won’t find from other lenders, we do much more than that, too. We want you to be educated on the market and how to be a successful flipper because we want you to reach your goals. Our software provides information that beginners and experienced flippers alike can appreciate and implement. All our clients have access to their own loan advisors and project managers throughout the flipping process.

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